The most dangerous species in the mediterranean


A Free Carton of Beer after 10 weeks

Every friday there is a group of work men that sit on the street, who we see on the way home after school.

It seems that each week they pick up a carton and then set about guzzling it down to top off the week.

They are nice enough, don’t say anything to me or the kids, but after this weekly bonding ritual they then leave the whole carton of empty bottles on the street, which stay there and accumulate until the council must come and pick them up.

I can’t help thinking that this is $2.40 per week left on the pavement (if we had a bottle deposit scheme). If they collected them they would have free carton after 10 weeks.

We’d all pick up $2.00 if we saw it on the street. 

What if people picked up empties like they were coins?


Here are some preview pics from our fantastic designer Alex White before the cans went on. Want to see the final dress, come by Parliment House at 11 am Wednesday (12 Oct). Otherwise you’ll just have to wait until we post some more pics up!


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ABC Radio National Special Report: ‘Money for Empties’

ABC Radio National does a special report on the container deposit scheme (‘Money for Empties’ September 2011’) 

"Container deposit schemes operate in many parts of the world, in SA, and soon in the NT. Why will some firms go to great lengths to prevent them? Politicians often fear the financial and strategic might of big business - even when it’s about who picks up the drink can or the beer bottles. Reporter Di Martin."

Listen online here